International Talkshow Selulosa 2021

The Corona virus has been causing issues in several areas around the world over the past year. This made a huge changes in people daily activity, there are so many activity that banned, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus. But, it’s not only about the virus, people try to find a way to end this problematic virus with vaccine now. Recently, vaccine seems like the brilliant thing against the virus. However, some of people have pros and cons about the vaccine. There are a lot of hoax spreading around society and make people disbeliefing to vaccine. So, for the aims to educate people and developing skill for students in pandemic era, Student Association of Medical Laboratory Technology Vocational Faculty of Airlangga University held an International talkshow named “Talkshow Selulosa 2021” with “Development of Covid-19 Vaccination Programs in The World” as theme of event. It also providing with discussion session to help participant get more knowledge and stop the hoax. The event has so many participants from MLT students, some of foreign student from China, Egypt, Malaysia, and also Indonesian participants.

This event is international-based online talkshow that aims to share the latest information on the developing of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in the world, in order to broaden the knowledge of Indonesian and foreign students about COVID-19 vaccination. This event held in Saturday, June 12th, 2021 via zoom. Master of ceremony on this event is Ms. Salsabila Sisilia from Airlangga University Vocational Student’s Ambassador 2020. Then, Mrs. Rizka Oktarianti, S.Si, M.Sc. as a moderator. She is a Lecturer of D3 Medical Laboratory Technology. This event will also present Mr. Bimo A. Tedjo, Ph.D, an Associate Professor and Researcher of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University Putra Malaysia to share material of vaccination programs in several countries, vaccination service systems, vaccine selection in several countries, supporting policies in vaccination programs, vaccinations in Indonesia and the role of medical laboratories for vaccination. From this event, we hope that can increase public awareness and understanding of immunization initiatives. Otherwise, in aims to educate people, it start from students who can later contribute to providing accurate information so that they can supported and help to succeed the government program against the pandemic.


Written by : Salshabilla Prashinta Putri Moch

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