The excitement of the K3 Roadshow event held by HIMA K3 UNAIR for 2 days was a success!

HIMA Occupational Safety and Health, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Airlangga University held a K3 Roadshow. This activity takes the theme of Spreading Occupational Safety and Health Around Us Like A Burst of Confetti and will be held on March 26-27 2022 from 09.00 to 11.30 WIB. The enthusiasm of this event was attended by more than 100 high school students from various regions. This series of events introduced Unair’s Vocational K3 study program more deeply presented K3 alumni who had worked in various sectors and gave an explanation of the K3 majors more broadly.

This K3 roadshow begins with the introduction of K3 material presented by the K3 Alumni themselves. The participants seemed enthusiastic about this K3 Roadshow event. This is evidenced by the fact that in every answer session, many K3 alumni provide questions given by the 2022 K3 Roadshow participants. There is also a song guessing game and answers by the K3 Roadshow participants with great enthusiasm.

The second day of the K3 Roadshow was no less exciting, almost the same as the first day the presenters introduced K3 very well and interacted with the K3 Roadshow participants. From the holding of this event, it is hoped that high school students and other parties can receive and get information about UNAIR’s K3 Vocational Faculty. The discussion that took place that day was very interesting and enthusiastic from the enthusiasm of the participants who continued to be ‘interested’ in UNAIR’s K3 Vocational Faculty. The implementation of the K3 Roadshow activity as a form of branding for the K3 study program itself to be known by more people.

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