Occupational Safety and Health Cup (OSH CUP 2022)

VOKASI NEWS – The younger generation is the backbone of a country, so it is necessary to be concerned about it through various activities. One of them is by holding the development and guidance of generations who can form people who are smart, creative, innovative, qualified, and have a charitable character. In addition, it is also necessary to have a forum such as an event to channel the talents and abilities of students and students at this time which are positive in order to develop their potential and creativity.

We are part of the Occupational Safety and Health (K3) student association Universitas Airlangga held a competition as an activity for self-development, honing creativity, and channeling the talents and abilities of students and upper secondary students. In addition, this competition aims to provide opportunities for students and students to develop and express themselves according to their needs talents, and interests through the competition program.

We held a race event that we called Occupational Safety and Health Cup (OSH CUP). OSH CUP is a competition aimed at introducing K3 and developing the potential, ideas, talents, critical thinking, creativity, and solutive of participants. In the OSH CUP event, there are several series of competition activities, namely essay competitions, poster competitions, and creative video competitions. In 2022, we carry the theme “Strengthening human resources with a K3 perspective as an effort to prevent traffic accidents to create driving safety”.

The essay competition is an individual competition whose participants are attended by active Diploma and S1 students. The poster competition is an individual competition whose participants are attended by upper middle students and diploma and undergraduate level students. While the creative video competition is a competition whose participants are SMA / SMK which will later form a maximum team of 3 members. The 5 best participants from the essay and poster competition will present their works to compete for the title of champion. while for the creative video competition, the 3 best teams will present their work to determine the champion. The OSH CUP work program is expected to provide knowledge to participants so that they can apply it in the surrounding environment and in daily life so as to minimize the risks that can occur in everyday life. The participants of this activity are high school students / equivalent as well as students at the Diploma and Bachelor levels of Universities and Public / Private Schools at the international level so that they also know the picture of the majors we study.

Author : Firda Ulinnuha

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