Vocational News – In doing a job we are required to master the skills that must be possessed according to the field and the skills themselves are divided into two types, hard skills and soft skills. Because learning in university can improve students hard skills and soft skills, it would be nice if these soft skills could be further improved. For this reason, in this effort, the D-III Office Administration Student Association organizes Office Expression activities to train the abilities and skills of D-III Office Administration students in appearance and behavior by conducting table manners, beauty & handsome class training, as well as with public speaking activities.

This Office Expression activity was held on June 11, 2022, with Participants in the Office Expression are D-III Office Administration students. The series of implementation of this activity include, remarks by the Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Vocational Studies, namely, Mrs. Dr. Tika Widiastuti, S.E., M.Sc. followed by remarks by Mr. Rahmat Yuliawan, S.E., M.M., AWP., CHRM as Head of the Office Administration DIII Study Program. And the next activity is the Beauty and Handsome class activity where all DIII Office Administration students learn how to look good, this Beauty and Handsome Class activity is assisted by Mustika Ratu.


The next activity was the Table Manner event which was assisted by Swiss Belinn Manyar Hotel Surabaya, in this activity DIII Office Administration students were taught how to behave properly. Then there was the Public Speaking activity, which was assisted by Rifqi Abiyyu Ghofarinda, an alumni from DIII Office Administration and had served as President of the Vocational Faculty BEM in 2020, with the provision of Public Speaking material, it can improve the way to communicate well.

And Adinda Thalia Anggun Pitaloka as the Chief Executive of the Office Expression expressed hope that all DIII Office Administration students can maintain good behavior and appearance and become quality students.

Author : Adinda Thalia A.P.

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