Paper Sharing and Learning 2022, Continuing Workshop on Writing

VOKASI NEWS – The Occupational Safety and Health Student Association held a workshop “Paper Sharing and Learning 2022” with a continuous format in September. The series of agendas started from September 4-25, 2022 boldly through Zoom Meetings.

Paper Sharing and Learning 2022 is a workshop activity that focuses on improving the writing skills of new D4 Occupational Safety and Health students. This activity was carried out 3 times with different sub-themes on each agenda. Paper Sharing and Learning 2022 has the theme “Strategy for Developing KTI in Developing Student Soft Skills in the Scientific Field 2.0”.

The PSL agenda 1 was filled by Trisna Nurya Majid, a 2018 Airlangga University Faculty of Public Health student, and finalist from PIMNAS 34 (PKM-K) 2021 who delivered material about PKM Writing Systematics. During agenda 1, participants gained insight regarding the introduction of PKM, and how to find ideas, mechanisms, and systematics of writing PKM. While agenda 2 and 3 of PSL were filled by Desi Rahmawati, a 2019 Airlangga University Occupational Safety and Health D3 student, the winner of the 2021 UNAIR MOOC Grant who added material related to Systematics of Scientific Essay Writing.

“Instead of just being a facility or educational activity for participants, this activity is a selection forum to find and develop the potential of participants (freshman D4 Occupational Safety and Health at Airlangga University) in the field of scientific writing,” explained Suharnanik.

The highlight of the 2022 Paper Sharing and Learning implementation will be on agenda 3 or the last agenda on Sunday, September 25, 2022, at 08.00 – 10.00 WIB. The briefing in the form of workshops is important to be carried out as a foothold that can help new students to contribute to academic achievement.

Author : Rieke Rahayu

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