VOKASI NEWS – The D3 Occupational Safety and Health Student Association (HIMA) of the Vocational Faculty, Airlangga University has carried out the Airlangga International Occupational Safety and Health Seminar which was held on Saturday, October 29, 2022 and Sunday, October 30, 2022 online through a zoom meeting. This event was held for the first time on an international scale. This activity is routinely carried out every year with K3 experts/experts in their fields according to the chosen theme. The theme that was raised this time was quite interesting, namely “Community Independence with OHS Culture” with 4 sub-themes.

The activity was started by Dr. Tika Widiastuti, SE, M.Si as Deputy Dean I of the Faculty of Vocational Studies. He hopes that through this International Seminar with this theme and several sub-themes, all participants can take advantage of the opportunity to know the importance of occupational safety and health. It was followed by remarks from the Head of the K3 Study Program, Mrs. Ratih Damayanti, S.KM., M.Kes.

On the first day, Dr. Azizan bin Ramli Ph.D. explained the strengths and challenges of K3 culture in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. To face this era of industrial revolution 4.0, it is necessary to make a policy or government to encourage companies to transform the application of K3.

The second presentation was delivered by Mohd Sufee Msc MIIRSM with the sub-theme “Safety Management System in Offshore Industrial Facilities. He explained that the safety management system is very important where with a good management system, it can ensure the safety and security of accidents in the workplace.

The second day began with the topic of Behavior Based Safety, delivered by Mr. Syamsul Arifin, S.KM., MKKK. He conveyed behavior-based safety (behavior-based safety) as an effort to prevent accidents due to unsafe behavior (unsafe actions).

The final presentation of the material delivered by Mrs. Ratna Sari Dewi, ST., MT., Ph.D. explained human/ergonomic factors in safety and operation. Human/ergonomic factors are interrelated with safety and operations because if the human/ergonomic factors are not appropriate, it can cause a work accident that causes material and non-material losses.

Author: Saka Wandhana Putri

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