The success of ONPOSH HIMA K3 UNAIR for 4 days in Pengangsalan Village, Kalitengah District, Lamongan Regency

VOKASI NEWS – HIMA Occupational Safety and Health, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Universitas Airlangga held ONPOSH (Devotion Public Occupational Safety and Health). This activity has the theme Optimizing Potential in K3-Based Pengangsalan Villages Towards the Era of Society 5.0. It will be held on 1-4 August 2022 in Pengangsalan Village, Kalitengah District, Lamongan Regency. This program is a HIMA K3 program which is quite challenging because it has to stay for approximately 4 days with the aim of socializing and advancing the MSME village.

This ONPOSH began with the introduction of socialization materials on K3 with the participants of the Pengangsalan village residents at the Pengangsalan Village Hall itself. The participants seemed enthusiastic about this socialization event. This is evidenced that many participants came during the event. ONPOSH also carries out work programs in the form of farming, making creations from used goods, making road signs about important locations in the pengansalan village and sambang for SMEs from the village, namely the manufacture of songkok. ONPOSH also conducted outreach to schools in the village of pengangsalan

The event was very exciting because they could share information related to K3 with the villagers. From the holding of this event, it is hoped that HIMA and the residents of Pengangsalan Village will get useful knowledge and establish good cooperation. The holding of ONPOSH activities as a form of branding for the K3 study program itself to be known by many people.

Writer : Arisa Nella Tazkia

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