FIFA 23 Superchallenge: Vocational Students Representing UNAIR

VOKASI NEWS — Vocational Students Representing UNAIR in FIFA 23 Superchallenge

4 tourism destination students of the vocational faculty, Universitas Airlangga competed in the FIFA 23 Superchallenge competition held by Djarum Super on 24th September 2023 in Surabaya. In this competition, Universitas Airlangga has reached the final round in the Surabaya Regional Super E-sports Series 2023 and takes on the University of Surabaya (UBAYA). These students from tourism destinations prepared very well to compete and win this competition.

“We did prepare mentally, then honing our skills both individually and working together as a team. At first, we represented UNAIR in order to fulfill the main requirements for participating in the Superchallenge exhibition match. Event which requires us to represent the name of our university to participate in this competition.” said Gusti, the team leader. 

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What is FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is a game from the PlayStation console or commonly abbreviated as PS. This game is also popular and played by all ages, many are used as their hobby or reliever from doing a lot of activities. Of course, games like this are widely considered to be of no quality and no benefit.

“Our motivation is to pursue a hobby that may be underestimated as a waste of time, a waste of money, or even just entertainment. By entering this competition. We wanted to test our skills that we have played many times. And our winning spirit told us to keep fighting until the end.” said Gusti about the motivation for joining the competition. And now he and his friend managed to make it to the Grand Final and represent their university.

“To manage time, The first is that the schedules between lectures and competition schedules do not collide. So it will be very easy for us to compete without thinking about lecture schedules.” added him after the interviewer asked about their time management. 

Sadly, Gusti and friends couldn’t win this competition, they won second place. But their journey to represent the name of Universitas Airlangga, Vocational Faculty and study program still continues. Because they will play representing East Java province in Jakarta in October.

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Author: Kayla Fadhila Perdana

Editor: Yusriyyah Rahmah Nabilah

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