Unlock the Behind Story of UNAIR’S Vocational Ambassadors

VOKASI NEWS — Being Vocational Ambassador members could be many of Vocational students’ dreams to achieve. Yet somehow the seats are quite limited to occupy. Ilham Umar and Alyana Zukhrufun spotted to be joyful to get the chance to be the 2022 Vocational Ambassador members.

Ilham Umar has successfully secured the first place of Vocational Ambassador from the male category of 2022. Along with Alyana Zukhrufun Nahda who has achieved the favorite Vocational Ambassador of 2022. In regards to the end of their journey as the Vocational Ambassador members. Both were utterly excited to share the behind story as the Vocational Ambassadors. 

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The Main Job Remains The Same

Despite the different titles that they got, their main job remains the same. The Vocational Ambassador program was made in order to create a good image of the Vocational Faculty. With the public and the members become the ones who implement it. Upon the favorite title that she received, Alyana said “the task of the favorite ambassadors themselves is to help promote the Vocational Ambassadors through social media. So that the Vocational Ambassadors can be known by the public. During this tenure, I handled all the social media for the vocational ambassadors and the editing will be done together with the social media team from the vocational ambassadors.” Through her words, it could be said that she mainly focuses on managing the image from social media. 

On the other hand, Ilham as the main Vocational Ambassador stated that he is in charge of doing the active duty at attending some events from the Vocational Faculty which require the must have ability of a Vocational Ambassador–public speaking. Not only that, since he is assigned as the main Vocational Ambassador. His duty shall bring prosperity upon the advancement of the Vocational Ambassador program. He also stated that he made several changes in order to enhance the quality of the program, be it the workflow or the tasks implementation. 

Benefit Being The Vocational Ambassador

Both seem to agree with each other when being asked about the benefits of being the Vocational Ambassadors. Ilham said “I’m very grateful for the chance to meet a new family through this program and also being closer with many of the lecturers, staff, all people who participate and contributed in the Vocational Faculty. If it’s not because of this program, I don’t think I will ever get the chance just like this. It’s just priceless.” which this statement followed with Alyana’s nods of approval. She also added that her public speaking skill is getting a lot better due to the opportunities and platforms that were given. 

As their tenure will come to its end, they also shared about what they wanted to say to the next Vocational Ambassadors. “The process to achieve the opportunities as the Vocational Ambassadors might be hard, but once you get it, don’t think that it’s the end of your journey. Well actually, it’s just the beginning of it. I hope you can keep up the good work until you reach the finish line.” stated Ilham. 

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Writer: Intan Tya

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