D4 Instrumentation and control engineering technology

D4 Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology is one of the study programs under the auspices of the Faculty of Vocational Engineering Department. Graduates from this study program are able to act as instrumentation and control technicians and electronics technicians. The D4 Study Program in Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology provides opportunities for students to carry out Field Work Practices and internships. Students are not only equipped with general skills but also specific skills. The study program also provides facilities for students to get lessons outside the study program and can be converted into credit courses.


Nationally Accredited by LAM Teknik


Becoming an innovative, superior and leading Applied Undergraduate Study Program at the national and international levels based on religious morality that is able to solve problems in the field of instrumentation and control in the manufacturing industry.


Organizing vocational education in the field of technology, especially instrumentation and control which includes instrumentation, control, automation and electronics systems in the manufacturing industry. Carrying out applied research in the fields of innovative instrumentation, control, automation and electronic systems based on national values and religious morals to support the development of applied science in the manufacturing industry. Organizing community service activities in the field of instrumentation and control technology within the scope of society and industry. Establish cooperation with all stakeholders from industry and agencies in various vocational education activities, applied research, and community service.


Producing graduates or Associate Experts in the field of instrumentation. Have basic knowledge of instrumentation and electronics in the medical and industrial fields. Have basic knowledge of microcomputer and computer based instrumentation. Have the ability to operate, repair, and design electronic instrumentation systems, computerized instrumentation in the medical and industrial fields. Producing research and engineering products in the field of computer-based instrumentation. Ongoing community service activities in the field of computerized instrumentation both in education and industry.


Full Time

On Campus


4 years / 146 SKS

The percentage of credit load is 54.79% lectures and 45.21% practicums


Kampus B UNAIR Jl. Dharmawangsa Dalam Selatan No.28 - 30, Airlangga, Kec. Gubeng, Kota SBY,Jawa Timur