Airlangga Youth Entrepreneur Expo 2023: Prepare Students to Become Successful Entrepreneurs

VOKASI NEWS — Airlangga Youthpreneur Expo 2023.

Hundreds of Universitas Airlangga students who have an interest in business have joined the Airlangga Youthpreneur Expo 2023. Being an exhibitor is not easy. A lot of selection is done to filter all the best work ideas by DPKKA Universitas Airlangga.

A wide range of goods and services were offered at this exhibition. Strict selection must be followed by the prospective entrepreneur students. This selection to realize and develop the planned business idea. Great expectations for Airlangga University in supporting the business of students to be able to have their own business.

The Highlight Of The Event

Airlangga Youthpreneur Expo 2023 is the highlight of the event. This event is selecting all business ideas from students held by DPKKA Universitas Airlangga to attract business interest in students.

“Actually I am not a person who comes from the business world. But I have an interest in the business field. Therefore I take advantage of campus facilities in accommodating students to become entrepreneurs. So I just participated because of my interest in the business world.” said Dimas Saputra, Entrepreneur Dibi Brownies student of Japanese studies.

The Opportunities Are Very Beneficial

The opportunities provided by the campus are very beneficial. Specially for people who have an interest in business without a business background. Not only material. But also practice which is very useful for prospective entrepreneurs to pay attention to the sales market period. The great hope is to make the students have experience and business to run.

METHANOL (Medical Laboratory Technology Olimpiade) 2023

The program carried out as one of the facilities provided by the campus for students. Student’s interest in doing business and encouraging business interest is a great hope for the university. Because it aims to advance the empowerment of its students.

“The reason for joining this event is because of the promised funding. Although not all of it is invested in one business idea. So I can use it in other businesses that I want to establish.” said Indah Febriani, a biotechnology student from the faculty of science and technology, founder of a food and beverage business at the Airlangga Youthpreneur Expo 2023.¬†

As one of the platforms to develop students’ business ideas, Airlangga Youth Entrepreneur has great expectations for all participants. The promised offers make many business idea owners more motivated to realize their business ideas. Not only for business owners. But for all campus residents are looking forward to this activity being held again. The many goods and services offered make visitors enthusiastic. They trying and seeing the results of business ideas on display at the Airlangga Youthpreneur Expo 2023.

“I hope this kind of event can be held again with many new business ideas. From every student of various faculties in Airlangga University.” said a visitor during the exhibition.

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Author: Fransiska Dwi Cahyani

Editor: Yusriyyah Rahmah Nabilah

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