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For students of Airlangga University it was important to achieve an ELPT score because it’s required for graduation. However, in every faculty it has a different standard of a minimum ELPT score. In the majority faculty and major the minimum ELPT score was 450 but, for English Diploma students it was 475. So, actually how to develop English skills based on 5th English Diploma Student to achieve ELPT score or mastered in English?.

Different Perspective When Study English

Every student has a different perspective when they are studying English. In fact when learning English it needs a lot of dedication, intention, and attention to motivate yourself. Every part and process of learning English was important to study consistently to learn everyday to achieve the goals. Practice more in listening, speaking, or writing because it is an important thing to develop English skill.

“I think the main part is just to be consistent, you have to learn everyday.” Said one of the students.

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For those English Diploma students they develop their English skill in many ways. It is different for one student and another student because they have their own style of practicing their English. 

“I think based on my personal experience I got it because I even interact with people with English. So, since it is hard to meet people in real life that speak in English, I use technology and make people virtually and also talk with them in English.” Said one student.

“Watch movies without subtitles or we can use subtitles but in English. Then, write down the vocabulary that seems new.” Said another student.

Fun Way to Develop Our English Skill

In addition, we can find a fun way to develop our English skill. By finding a suitable way to learn English to make learning English more fun and comfortable because anyone has different types of learning English. However, we could take advantage of our favorite activities such as watching movies, listening to music, or watching any animation on youtube. 

“Maybe with some memes because I don’t like to study seriously, you know what I mean? Adding some of it really helps me to study.”

 Achieve An ELPT Score Is Not Easy Anymore

To achieve an ELPT score is not easy anymore because we can’t get it in one night. There is no instant way to achieve an ELPT score. You have to practice a lot and try to find some exercises to make you understand what kind of question that will be tested. In addition, we can watch youtube to know about how and what tips and tricks to achieve the ELPT score. 


So, actually studying English is not that complex anymore if you consistently learn it. Many benefits that will come if we master English such as we can speak fluently in English while we study abroad or if we want to work in an International company it will be very beneficial. In addition, maybe some students have other perspectives. 

So, the main thing is obviously to learn English because you would meet people from all across the world which is the important thing to communicate in English. The benefit that I get in real life is that I could help people when they are struggling in English” Said one of the English Diploma students.

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Author: Annisa Kumala

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