Vocational Faculty Universitas Airlangga Shines Onwards

VOKASI NEWS — Vocational Faculty continue to shine by winning several competitions at the national and international levels.

The vocational faculty once more brought honor to Universitas Airlangga by winning in numerous national and international competitions. Every month, winners are announced on Vocational Unair Instagram including this month, September 2023. These posts made some of vocational students proud of their fellow students.

Even though I’m not the winner, I’m so happy and proud of them because they bring our university’s name to the national and even international level. That is amazing, they did great jobs.” Said one of the vocational students.

They Are A Source Of Pride

Given the amount of competitors who must have entered these competitions and they were able to beat them, it is obvious that they are a source of pride. Their successes not only fill the faculties with great pride, also the communities they are a part of and their fellow students. The accomplishments highlight the crucial role that vocational education plays in enabling students to succeed in the workforce and in society. 

The Winners Come From Several Majors

The fact that the winners come from several of vocational faculty majors shows how supportive the campus, faculty, and study programs are of everyone who wants to get more experience. Every student has the possibility to succeed and realize their full potential because of the institution’s commitment to quality and the collaborative atmosphere it fosters.

BACA JUGA METHANOL (Medical Laboratory Technology Olimpiade) 2023

Outstanding Students

The list of outstanding students, their majors and the competitions:

  1. M. Hafid Bactiar (Nursing Diploma) won Kompetisi Sains Merdeka Indonesia (KSMI) 1st place in Math and 2nd place Physics, Pekan Raya Kompetisi Sains Nasional (PRKSN) 2nd place in Indonesian, Math and Real Science Competition (MARS) 2023 in 3rd place.
  2. M. Irsyad Hamdi (Accounting Diploma) won Magelang Championship in 1st place.
  3. Nadindra Syahrani (Marketing Management Diploma) won International Futsal in 1st place.
  4. Yuni Kurniasaro (Library Diploma) won Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Nasional Universitas Brawijaya 2023 in 1st place.
  5. Onla Kahfi Pranata (Occupational Safety and Health) won Pekan Olahraga Mahasiswa East Java in 3rd place.
  6. Anisa Maharani (Informatics Engineering) won Information System Competition in 3rd place.
  7. Farid Alfian Syah (Physiotheraphy Diploma) won Physiotheraphy Festival Dies Natalis UPN “Veteran” Jakarta in 1st place.
  8. Muhammad Rizki Ardiansyah (Physiotheraphy Diploma) won won Physiotheraphy Festival Dies Natalis UPN “Veteran” Jakarta in 3rd place.
  9. 2nd place of Internantional Flyer and Brochure Competition are won by Muhammad Arif Amrullah (Physiotheraphy Diploma), Mimi Azmita (Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology Diploma), Rizzaqy Nasghifar Ramadhan (Informatics Engineering), Ahmadian Zahri Ramadhan (Informatics Engineering), and Avicenca Hanani Achmad (Informatics Engineering).

BACA JUGA Meningkatnya Kadar Gula Darah Saat Puasa


Author: Heni Septiani

Editor: Yusriyyah Rahmah Nabilah

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