Development Veterinary Nursing Skill for Professional Futures


International Short Course Veterinary Nurses / Veterinary Technician “ Development Veterinary Nursing Skill for Professional Futures” is Short course for Vet-Nurse and Vet-Technician 2023 a 13-week education program uniquely designed to prepare students for exciting careers in animal science, clinical and laboratory. We offer over four sophisticated courses in the areas of expertise seminars, dairy management, poultry industry, laboratory technology and veterinary medical clinic. Students earn much exercise, workshop, training, internship and field practical in this program that is initiated to be a professional vet-nurse and vet-technician in the globalization era.

The 13-weeks-course consists of six sections, these are: general section, two industrial training, a laboratory training, a clinical internship, and presentation section. All participants attend the training and internship part that provides broad basic knowledge of (rural) dairy development, the milk chain (production-collectionprocessing-marketing), animal husbandry, farm management, training and extension, small scale animal product processing, research sampling, sample handling, laboratory work and clinical experience. Then back to the campus to present what what they do during the short course. In the end of this event, participants will get a formal certificate which can be an adding value for their curriculum, even can be converted to their credit. 

Applicant Eligibility
  • Diploma/undergraduate students with nationality other than Indonesia.
  • Have a fair command of English
Applicant Procedure
  • Fill and submit the online application form on https://bit.ly/VIPUNAIR2023
  • Submit the required document to the application from (scaned):
  • passport identity page/Official
  • ID/Student Card,
Program Availability


Program Date

September – November, 2023

Nomination Deadline

August 2023

Applicant Deadline

September – October, 2023

  • E- Certificate
  • Skill and Knowledge
  • Network
Program Fee


Further Information

For more information, please contact

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