D4 Archiving and Digital Information

The Digital Archiving and Information Division is an enhancement program of the Library D3 as a response to societal demands and to fulfill the human resource needs in the field of information management. In the future, there will still be a significant demand for archivists to manage various documents, archives, and information, especially those in digital format, both in government and private sectors. Therefore, the creation of skilled and expert archival professionals is urgently needed. Meanwhile, the need for professional archival personnel or document controllers in the business world is also very high, as all businesses generate records that require management by professional personnel.


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To become a leading, independent, innovative, and internationally recognized Applied Bachelor’s Degree Program in Archiving and Digital Information, pioneering the development of knowledge, technology, humanities, and arts based on religious morality.


1. To provide applied education in the field of archiving and digital information with a focus on information technology.

2. To conduct conducive applied research and support technical mastery in the field of archiving and digital information based on the latest information technology.

3. To engage in community service activities in the field of archiving and digital information.

4. To manage the Applied Bachelor’s Degree Program in Archiving and Digital Information with good governance through institutional development oriented towards quality and competitiveness at the national and international levels.


1. To produce quality graduates capable of developing knowledge, technology, and humanities based on religious morality, and capable of competing at national and international levels.

2. To produce innovative research that promotes the development of knowledge, technology, and humanities on a national and international scale.

3. To produce service activities based on reasoning and research works that are beneficial in advancing public welfare, enlightening the nation, and empowering the community innovatively so that the community can solve problems independently and sustainably.

4. To continuously improve the quality of learning management to achieve excellence in national and international competition and collaboration.

5. To become a moral and intellectual force in building Indonesia’s civil society.

6. To develop the potential of students to become individuals who are faithful and devout to the One Almighty God and behave nobly, healthy, knowledgeable, competent, creative, independent, skilled, competent, and proactive in responding to the demands of society and development challenges, both nationally and internationally, and cultured for the nation’s interest.

S.Tr. Parid

Full Time

On Campus


8 semesters


Kampus B UNAIR Jl. Dharmawangsa Dalam Selatan No.28 - 30, Airlangga, Kec. Gubeng, Kota SBY,Jawa Timur