D4 Banking and Finance

Businesses in the field of technology-based financial services will continue to grow. The banking industry is one of the industries that is required to adjust quickly. The Diploma of Banking and Finance study program is here to meet these challenges. This study program is under the Department of Business, Faculty of Vocational Studies. Graduates are capable and proficient in managerial activities in the banking industry. Graduates are also equipped with certifications that support their competence. Job opportunities for Banking and Finance graduates are not only in the banking sector but also in non-banking financial developments such as pawnshops, financing institutions, cooperatives, insurance, and entrepreneurship. Students in the Diploma of Banking and Finance study program are taken with 144 credits.


Nationally Accredited by LAMEMBA


To become a reputable study program in providing professional banking/non-bank financial institution operational personnel and to become a center for education & training for bank and non-bank financial institution employees in Indonesia.


1. Educate bank operational personnel through education and teaching that produces quality graduates by the expectations and development of Indonesia’s banking industry and non-bank financial institutions.

2. Conducting research mainly in the field of finance and banking

3. Performing community service by the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.


1. Able to complete work in the field of customer service and marketing of banks and non-bank financial institutions, choose appropriate methods by analyzing operational data in banking and non-bank financial institutions, and able to show performance with measurable quality and quantity. 2. Mastering the theoretical concepts of operational and supporting units in banking and non-bank financial institutions, and able to formulate solutions to banking operational problems. 3. Able to manage work groups and compile comprehensive written reports. 4. Responsible for own work and can be given responsibility for the achievement of group work results.

S. Tr. Perbankan

Full Time

On Campus


8 Semester


Kampus B UNAIR Jl. Dharmawangsa Dalam Selatan No.28 - 30, Airlangga, Kec. Gubeng, Kota SBY,Jawa Timur