Celebrating Easter Day at Faculty of Vocational Studies UNAIR: The Importance Of Salvation

VOKASI NEWS – In commemoration of Easter, Christian-Catholic students and the Ministry of Spirituality BEM of the vocational faculty held an Easter service with the theme The Importance Of Salvation. This Easter service was held virtually and was attended by Dr. Tika Widiastuti, S.E., M.Sc. as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Vocational Studies, Universitas Airlangga.

Pastor Samuel Enggar Hadi also attended the Easter service as a speaker as well as Airlangga University students and alumni. The service began promptly at 09.00 Western Indonesian Time with an opening prayer, followed by several remarks by the Deputy Dean of the Vocational Faculty of Airlangga University, the head of the Vocational Easter event, Agnesia Citraputri, and the President of BEM, Ageng Rizki Arianes. Then followed by some opening compliments.

In the middle of the event, namely the delivery of reflections by Pastor Samuel Enggar Hadi, he delivered the Word of God with the theme Source of Doubt. Through the Word given by Pastor Samuel Enggar Hadi, there are several essential points to be conveyed, namely:

Many people doubt their belief about the resurrection of Jesus Christ for several reasons, one of which is technological developments that we cannot avoid if we cannot filter out what is good and bad, then every individual will be easily provoked by hoax news

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith. If Christ has not risen then our trust is in vain. Christ is the way to the Father. If Christ is not raised again, those who die after believing in Christ will be lost. If Christ is not raised again, then we have no hope. After His resurrection, Christ through the Holy Spirit lives in the hearts of believers to give divine strength in our daily lives

By holding the Vocational Easter service, apart from celebrating Easter, it is hoped that the participants who have participated in this service may receive blessings and wisdom. Also, through the reflections that have been heard, they can have more faith in God and become students who are responsible for all their actions and can become individuals who can bring blessings to others.

Writer: Kezia Priska Keren Sumeke

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