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Record and Library Journal, with the registered number (E-ISSN: 2442-5168). It is a scientific journal that encompasses library science, records, information, and documentation.  Record and Library Journal is a medium for researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners, and students that are interested in the world of librarianship and records. This journal also facilitates knowledge sharing from the results of studies, case studies, and literature review.

All manuscripts submitted to this journal (Record and Library Journal) must follow Focus and Scope and Author Guidelines of this journal. The submitted manuscript to this journal can be written in Indonesian or English. The manuscript must not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. 

All submitted manuscripts must be free from plagiarism content. All authors are suggested to use plagiarism detection software to do the similarity checking (please use Turnitin to check the similarity). Editors will also check the similarity of manuscripts in this journal by using Turnitin software.

The submitted manuscripts to this journal will be peer-reviewed at least 2 (two) or more expert reviewers from Peer Reviewers Team. The reviewers give scientific valuable comments improving the contents of the manuscript. The review process used in this journal is a double-blind review system. 3-4 (three until four) weeks will be needed for reviewers to complete one round of the reviewing process.

The final decision of manuscript acceptance is solely made by the Editor in Chief according to the reviewer’s critical comments. But if the related article is deemed inappropriate from the start, the related article will be rejected immediately without a review process by the editor. The final decision of the manuscript is solely based on the Editor’s final review which considering peer reviewers’ comments (but not solely by Reviewer).

Publication of accepted articles including assigning the article to the published issue will be made by Editor in Chief by considering the sequence of accepted date. Journal publication is Twice a year (No.1 January – June & No.2 July – December).

Vol. 8 No. 1 (2022): June
Published: 2022-06-28

Here are the articles:
📑 The library’s new role as a supporter of collaboration and innovation activities
👥 Nurida Maulidia Rahma, Cipta Endyana, Dicky Muslim
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.1-11

📑 The role of library leaders in maintaining service quality during the covid-19 pandemic: A case study at the Ponorogo Muhammadiyah University Library
👥 Ayu Wulansari, Yolan Priatna
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.12-22

📑 Evaluation of ULISYS Acceptance in UNTAG Surabaya Library
👥 Imas Rahmadhtul Hidayah, Yanuastrid Shintawati, Dian Kristyanto
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.23-33

📑 Mak Yong’s Performing Art: A Collection Analysis of Malaysia Institutional Memory
👥 Mazlina Pati Khan, Andika Aziz Hussin, Khairul Azhar Mat Daud

📑 Tendency and Student Satisfaction Using Printed and Electronic Information Resources at the University of North Sumatra Library
👥 Santana Sembiring, Jonner Hasugian
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.50-70

📑 Information dissemination of local content through Muhi Corner in Muhammadiyah 1 Yogyakarta High School Library
👥 Zeni Istiqomah
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.71-80

📑 Increased utilization of electronic collections during the covid-19 pandemic: A literature review
👥 Muhammad Fadli Suhendra, Laksmi Laksmi
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.81-98

📑 Service Excellence in University Archive of Universitas Indonesia: A Kanban Approach
👥 Wahid Nurfiantara, Anon Mirmani
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.99-108

📑 Role of the academic library in creating students’ mental health literacy
👥 Neneng Komariah, Encang Saepudin, Rizki Nurislaminingsih
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.109-121

📑 The User Experience in Efforts to Create a Digital Library during a Pandemic COVID-19: Systematic Literature Review
👥 Asma Rakha Dinazzah, Indira Irawati
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.122-132

📑 Application of Inlislite Version 3.0 at Library and Archives Service of Bengkulu Province
👥 Imam Apriansah, Nurhayati Darubekti, Lailatus Sa’diyah
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.133-142

📑 Promotional activities at Bahagia Mendawai Library Bansir Laut Village Pontianak Tenggara District
👥 Khofifah Nurhidayah, Atiqa Nur Latifa Hanum
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.143-152

📑 Library anxiety and fulfillment of information needs of college students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Bengkulu University
👥 Sinta Julianti, Nurhayati Darubekti, Lailatus Sa’diyah
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.153-170

📑 Islamic college libraries facing the covid-19 pandemic: Study at IAIN Curup’s Library
👥 Rhoni Rodin
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.171-184

📑 Correlation of Students’ Final Paper to Archival Scientific Development: Case Study of Archival Science Study Program, Vocational College, UGM
👥 Arif Rahman Bramantya, Rina Rakhmawati
🔗 https://doi.org/10.20473/rlj.V8-I1.2022.185-198

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