D3 transfer into D4, is it better? 

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Before choosing a college major, of course, the students need to know what major they want to choose. Determining the most suitable major for our interests and talents can be quite challenging. There are many college programs that we can choose from, starting from undergraduate programs or vocational programs. You must be familiar with the undergraduate program itself.  A bachelor is a degree given to graduates of an undergraduate education program. Apart from undergraduate programs, there are vocational programs that can be another option for continuing education.

Vocational Education Program

A vocational program is an educational program at the higher education level. Its main goal is to train individuals to become experts in their chosen fields. The program focuses on developing specific skills and knowledge that are necessary for the workforce. Graduates of vocational programs are equipped with the necessary abilities to enter the job market and compete on a global scale. 

An example of vocational programs at the school level is SMK. In this vocational program, students focus more on practice 60-70 percent while theory is 30-40 percent. The government has made vocational programs a priority in order to develop highly skilled and qualified individuals. This is because vocational studies are more focused on developing the skills and knowledge required to enter the workforce. 

According to Muhadjir Effendy, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK), Indonesian President Joko Widodo has emphasized the expansion of vocational education. 

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Airlangga University is One That Offers Vocational Programs

Airlangga University is one of the universities that offers vocational programs. The Faculty of Vocational Studies at Airlangga University is the 14th faculty established in 2014. The Faculty of Vocational Studies is divided into three departments: Health, Business, and Engineering. It offers a total of 21 study programs consisting of 19 study programs from D3 up to D4 study programs. 

The Study Programs Have Received National Accreditation

The study programs offered by the Faculty of Vocational Studies have received national accreditation from two institutions. BAN-PT accredits non-health study programs, while LAM PTKES accredits health study programs. In 2021, several D3 study programs will be transferred to D4 according to the latest policy of the Directorate General of Vocational Education. This program is optional, some of the D3 Airlangga University vocational study programs have transferred to D4 and some are still going through the process. One of them is the D3 English study program. There are many pros and cons for students in transfer programs from D3 to D4 study programs. 

I think it would be a good idea to consider transferring to a D4 program. Nowadays, it seems that many companies prefer to hire graduates with at least a D4 or S1 degree, rather than just a D3. “

“It’s really important because D3 English accreditation is already of a higher standard, and deserves to transfer into D4”

“I choose D3 because it is a three-year course and I prefer to complete my studies at a faster pace. However, if I decide to transfer to D4, I am open to that option as well. “

If transferring to D4 is a possibility, it would be great if the process could be expedited. This way, students who are currently in their 5th semester will graduate. So those who want to continue studying don’t need to continue the transitional study program”

According to some D3 English students when we asked “What do you think if the D3 English study program transfers to D3?”

The students themselves, there are many students who want to transfer from D3 to D4 because it is an opportunity, and the skills obtained by D4 graduates are more supported for qualifications to work in today’s companies. But back again to each person, many D3 graduates also work in well-known companies or become entrepreneurs and provide jobs that are far more beneficial to others.

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Author: Afiana Okta

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