Genre Based Writing Becomes a Course for English Students to Develop Their Creativity Through Writing Essays

VOKASI NEWS — English students of Vocational studies had a course called Genre Based Writing

In the fourth semester, English students of Vocational studies had a course called Genre Based Writing. Genre Based Writing is one of English course that required the students to make a writing with a genre. Quite different with the other semesters before, which the students had Sentence Based Writing course. That only write a sentence and Paragraph Based Writing that only write a paragraph. And the obstacles here in this course is every students make several genre of essays to write.

It Becomes A Challenging Obstacles For Students

It becomes a challenging obstacles for each students. Because to write an essay there are a lot of tricks that should apied before writing a good essay, and there are things that students found it hard.

“The hardest part is having a good thesis statement and arranging a smooth flow between each paragraph.” said Talitha from BI-2.

Of course we all know that every students have their respective difficulties to write an essay, like Annisa from BI-2.

“For me the hardest part when I am doing my exam is outlining because I have to find the topic and sub topic for each paragraph. In addition the tenses in every genre are different so we have to use the tenses properly.” said Annisa about the hardest part of making essays.

But there is also student that said the hardest part in GBW class is because the time that given by the lecturer is very short. So writing becomes confusin, as what Okta said from the BI-1 class.

Behind The Hard Experience

Behind the hard experience, there is definitely a positive side that can be taken when writing an essay. Such as how writing an essay really influences writing skills.

“Yes, it really affected my skill. Beside from essays, it really helpful for me to write organized and neat articles.” said Khayun from BI-3.

As what Rara from BI-1 said too, that writing essay is really sharpen her skill in writing since the lecturer gave a weekly assignments in every week.

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Besides, sharpening the creativity of writing essays is of course not far from the way the lecturer teaches. As said Annisa and Okta who mentioned that with a lecturer who is sharp, relaxed but gives material properly it is also one of the reasons they like this GBW course.

Question About This is Very Necessary For Students

Of some questions about this Genre Based Writing course, it turns out GBW is very necessary for students. Moreover this course can be said as a preparation to write a Final Task. Before writing the actual in the next semester, that is, Academic Writings.

“From GBW class, i learned how to write an essay that has the right structure. As a result of studying the structure of the essay, my friends and I managed to make a book containing a collection of essay works that we had made during one semester.” said Rizka from BI-3 shared her opinion.

Apart from that, Intan and Alyana also told about the experiences they could get from this course.

“I can get a lot of new things, knowledge from various things. Because we are not only talking about limited area, but we reach broader way.” said Intan. “It feels good to understand thing in a bigger scale. Because we being pushed to do the essays and we have to do the research. Which it is really memorable and make me understand about different topics.” added Intan from BI-2.

But for Alyana, The experience in this course was very exciting. Because the lecturer asked his students to draw fictional characters and describe the characters through the essay.


So a lot of experience can be gained from this course. Every class and every English student has their own difficulty in writing an essay. But trust me that writing is not difficult. Just get used to the way you learn continuously, then you can be a great writer.

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Author: Kayla Fadhila Perdana

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