D3 Information System

The Diploma in Information Systems study program is one of the study programs managed by the Faculty of Vocational Studies, Airlangga University. This program aims to respond to the rapid development of technology, especially in information systems. To produce qualified graduates, the Information Systems study program implements a curriculum that refers to competency and learning outcomes. The curriculum redesign was prepared considering that students can gain a broader learning experience. Through this quality improvement, hopefully, graduates who are able to compete in the industrial era 5.0 will be created.


Nationally Accredited by BAN-PT


The Diploma Program in Information System aims to be a qualified academic program whose role is to build a community of information technology in Indonesia by using an information system that is based on religion, morality, and ethics.


1. Providing high-quality education and teaching to prepare graduates with religious morality and ethics who are: 2. Able to understand and apply technology in information system 3. Professionals and updated with the development of information technology who can also compete internationally 4. Conducting applied research in Information System for manufacturing industry 5. Being involved in the development of community life by dedicating expertise in information system.


1. Producing graduates of Information System with skills in system analysis and programming based on religious morality and ethics.

2. Producing professional graduates in applying and enhancing their knowledge and ability in solving problems especially in information system

3. Making applied information system products

4. Conducting community services by empowering the people (in the community) to be able to solve their own problems independently and follow the development of knowledge and information technology.

Full Time

On Campus


8 semester


Kampus B UNAIR Jl. Dharmawangsa Dalam Selatan No.28 - 30, Airlangga, Kec. Gubeng, Kota SBY,Jawa Timur